Your collection,
shown at its best

Your showroom is a vital connection to some of the most important people to your brand.
Magnetiq puts the power into your hands, helping you organise the campaign,
show the collection in its best light, and collect feedback.

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Showroom Meeting Organization Software

Buyer / Journalist Appointment Organisation

Part of the challenge around creating a really successful showroom event is in fitting all the right people into the limited time you’ve got. That’s why simple, clear scheduling is so important.

With Magnetiq you can work across departments, across continents, to make sure that the right people are in the right place, at the right time.

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Mobile-optimised Showroom software

Mobile Presentation

Having all the right information is only useful if it’s there when you need it. So Magnetiq’s mobile-optimised Showroom software is designed to travel with you on your tablet or device.

It adds depth to your presentation in the room, or wherever else you meet the people that are important in spreading the word about your new collection.

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Track product preferences

Real-time Comments and Preferences

Information is more powerful when it’s shared. With Magnetiq the team hosting the showroom can input comments and product preferences from buyers and journalists on their tablets.

And, you can check in on the performance of your collection in real time. No more guessing: immediate, accurate feedback.

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Showroom key analysis

Deep Analytics, Simple Insights

Magnetiq makes it easy for you to analyse the results of your Showroom event, pulling out key analysis about what were the items with most comments and "favourites".

And, providing you with a simple but powerful summary of the reaction to your new collection, what buyers and journalists both think is the most exciting story in your new lineup.

All this valuable information is available right away - while there’s still time to listen to the results and improve your strategy.

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Showroom digital version

Your Showroom,
Powered By Digital Tech

Not everyone can make it to your showroom: having a digital version of the space lets you reach a broader group of interested parties, and makes the in-person experience all the more impressive.

Getting a feel for a new collection, finding out more about a single item, or seeing a broader range of colours and options than you can physically display, has never been easier.

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