Logiciel Magnetiq pour
Evénements retail

Get the most out of your retail events

Magnetiq is the best software to manage your retail events.
Collaborative list management, RSVPs email campaigns, Digital check-in, Lead generation,
Follow-up content sharing, Measuring CRM contact engagement.

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Les meilleures marques font confiance à Magnetiq
pour gérer leurs événements de vente au détail

Magnetiq - Retail Events Management Software

Create the ideal experience
for you and your guests

Organizing a retail event can be very complex and stressful. Magnetiq helps you with the workflow by providing the tools to simplify planning, optimize the guest experience, and capture relevant data for future campaigns.

Keep track of everything, and measure conversion rates of the different activities.

Améliorez chaque étape du processus:
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Magnetiq - Collaborative list management

Build the guest list by collaborating among colleagues and/or external organizations

Forget Excel sheets and complicated email exchanges. Build the guest list collaboratively with all users involved.

Assign visibility rights per team. External users will only be able to see and manage their contacts.

Keep track of guest invitation status: to be contacted, confirmed, etc. Assign special passes. View progress in real-time.

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Magnetiq - RSVPs email campaigns

Send out elegant digital invitations
with interactive RSVPs

Send digital invitations with RSVPs that automatically update the guest's status on the list: confirmed or not.

Use our editor to create elegant templates in minutes. Or create a fully customized design.

Communicate in a personal way using tags, e.g., 'Dear {{FIRST_NAME}}'. Send out campaigns using an email address with your domain name.

See who opened or clicked to each message. Raise awareness of those who still need to open it with a follow-up campaign.

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Magnetiq - digital check-in

Welcome your guests in style and security

First impressions count, especially when it comes to paramount guests. The check-in process should be personalized and straightforward.

Magnetiq allows you to send guests a QR code or Apple Wallet and scan it at the entrance with our mobile app.

No Wi-Fi? No problem: the app also works offline to host your events anywhere.

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Magnetiq - lead generation

Lead generation: capture data of potential customers

Choose an incentive (discount, gift, photo with celebrity, etc.) and invite participants to frame a QR code with their phone. They will access a customized page with a form to register their details.

When people register, the event list updates in real time on all devices.

You can use the acquired leads already during the event or later for follow-up campaigns. Enrich your CRM with each operation.

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Magnetiq - follow-up content sharing

Publish and share follow-up content online

Votre contenu est important. Qu'il s'agisse de textes, de fichiers, de photos ou de vidéos, Magnetiq vous permet de les présenter sous leur meilleur jour en un seul endroit, dans le respect de l'image de votre marque.

Create a page or mini-site in minutes with a simple, customized address to distribute.

Upload PDFs, videos, and high-resolution images. Add descriptions so that users know what they see. Make everything available for download.

Afterward, send an email campaign to your contacts with the link to the mini-site.

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Magnetiq - measuring CRM contact engagement

Measure contacts' engagement in the CRM

Magnetiq tracks engagement, providing data on conversions for each contact in the different operations.

You can see whether the guest has confirmed or checked in for each event. Email campaigns measure open rates and clicks on RSVPs or buttons.

The overall engagement rate can provide valuable information for evaluating the return on investment and making decisions in managing future events.

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