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The press release has evolved

The press release has evolved

A great press release is vital. But in the past, it was easy for journalists to get lost in:

  • Multiple (often long & complex) links
  • Access-denied or expired files
  • Confusing folders full of images with no previews or descriptions

Today, with Magnetiq Newsroom, you can give journalists everything they need in a one simple & beautifully designed place.

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Your press release all in one place

Everything is in one place

  • One simple branded link to share with your contacts
  • A context with your brand / look & feel
  • Add images, covers, videos, galleries
  • Downloadable files
  • Text journalists can immediately copy and paste
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Simple, Collaborative, Effective PR Software

Simple, Collaborative, Effective

Visually stunning, fully featured and simple enough you can get going with no training. Collaborate with colleagues, build the perfect press kit together.

Drag and drop content blocks, create single page or multiple page designs. It’s your release the way you want it, without ever having to turn to your IT team.

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Visually stunning

A press release as stunning as your imagery

Your visuals matter. Whether in photo or video form, the Magnetiq Newsroom makes it easy to show them off at their best.

Upload and categorize images in seconds. Show them as thumbnails or in a gallery view. Add a short description so the journalist knows what they’re looking at (and what you want them to highlight).

Make everything available for download in high resolution.

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Collaborez et gérez des présentations
partout dans le monde

Your newsroom is visible and editable by every authorized member, wherever they are in the world.

Update content and tweak the design on the fly: the link stays the same, so press will automatically see the most recent version whenever they visit the site.

This collaborative approach is the key to creating the best possible experience for journalists.

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Vous voulez voir d'autres solutions?

Vous voulez voir d'autres solutions?

Les meilleures marques font confiance à Magnetiq
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Vous voulez voir d'autres solutions?

Vous voulez voir d'autres solutions?