Logiciel Magnetiq pour
Entertainment Marketing

Maximize the success
of your launch event

Magnetiq is the best software to manage your launch event.
Collaborative list management, RSVPs email campaigns, Online registration forms,
Seating plan assignment, Digital check-in, Follow-up content sharing.

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Magnetiq - Entertainment Marketing Event Management

Your launch event deserves the best

In an entertainment marketing project, the success of the launch event is of crucial importance. From previews to grand openings to promotional campaigns Magnetiq allows you to create the ideal experience for guests and influencers.

Enhance your partys, presentations, and gala dinners: solid behind-the-scenes planning, efficient and stylish guest relations, maximum promotional return.

Améliorez chaque étape du processus:
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Magnetiq - Collaborative list management

Gestion simple et collaborative de la liste des invités

Work collaboratively with colleagues and external teams to build the guest (and staff) list. Import contacts from Excel and use categories to distinguish them better.

Track guest invitation status: to be contacted, waiting for a reply, confirmed. Assign special passes. View progress in real-time.

Magnetiq simplifies the organization, so that you can focus on the event goals.

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Magnetiq - email campaigns

Send out elegant digital invitations
with interactive RSVPs

Send digital invitations with RSVPs that automatically update the guest's status on the list: confirmed or not.

Use our editor to create elegant templates in minutes. Or create a fully customized design.

Communicate in a personal way using tags, e.g., 'Dear {{FIRST_NAME}}'. Send out campaigns using an email address with your domain name.

See who opened or clicked to each message. Raise awareness of those who still need to open it with a follow-up campaign.

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Magnetiq - online registration forms

Smart online event registration, make life easier for your guests

Forget the anonymous and complicated approach of Google Forms. Magnetiq allows you to create elegant online event registration forms personalized with your branding.

The registration can be open to anyone or linked to sending an RSVP campaign that considers the data already in Magnetiq Contacts CRM.

You can give your guests the option of adding any Plus Ones, with a possible maximum number of companions.

Do you have a maximum capacity or a deadline? Set the constraints you want. Guests who register over the limit go on the Waiting List.

Confirming participation has never been so quick and easy.

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Magnetiq - seating plan management

Manage the seating plan clearly and collaboratively

Seating management at a dinner party is critical: it influences relational dynamics and affects the event's success.

With Magnetiq, you can assign seats with your colleagues visually and collaboratively to share decisions on seating pairings.

Operations on the seating plan take place in real-time, so there is no overlap, and are tracked in an activity stream to help you understand the origin of any changes.

The seating data is available to the team on the app for check-in.

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Magnetiq - Inviter les hôtes à trouver leur place sur le smartphone

Inviter les hôtes à trouver leur place sur le smartphone

At the dinner venue, you can display QR codes inviting guests to scan them to find out their seats.

This attractive option helps guests find their place at the table more quickly, avoiding crowding in front of a panel or queuing up to ask for information.

Dans tous les cas, Magnetiq permet aux hôtesses et aux stewards d'avoir les détails des sièges sur des tablettes et des smartphones afin d'aider tout le monde.

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Magnetiq - digital check-in

Welcome your guests in style, digital check-in with smartphones or tablets

Abandonnez les feuilles Excel ou papier qui prêtent à confusion. La première impression est cruciale. Le processus d'enregistrement doit être moderne, élégant et rapide.

Magnetiq vous permet d'envoyer à vos invités un QR code / Apple Wallet. Notre application native vous permettra de le scanner instantanément ou de trouver les noms sur la liste avec une recherche rapide.

No Wi-FI? Everything works offline too. With an internet connection, real-time data is synchronized between devices, and accesses progress before your eyes.

At the end of the event, evaluate the access data. Enrich your CRM by measuring the engagement of your contacts.

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Magnetiq - follow-up content sharing

Publish and share follow-up content online

Votre contenu est important. Qu'il s'agisse de textes, de fichiers, de photos ou de vidéos, Magnetiq vous permet de les présenter sous leur meilleur jour en un seul endroit, dans le respect de l'image de votre marque.

Create a page or mini-site in minutes with a simple, customized address to distribute.

Upload PDFs, videos, and high-resolution images. Add descriptions so that users know what they see. Make everything available for download.

Include any translations. The site identifies the visitor's language and automatically provides texts with the correct wording.

Finally, send your contacts the link to the micro-site with an email campaign on Magnetiq.

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Collaboratively manage your marketing project with your team

Your launch event peut être géré par chaque membre autorisé, où qu'il se trouve dans le monde. Manage content, email campaigns, and every aspect of the event. Tout le monde est sur la même longueur d'onde.

Cette approche collaborative est la clé pour créer la meilleure expérience possible for guests and influencers.

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