Magnetiq vs. Launchmetrics

Magnetiq is often cited as the primary alternative to Launchmetrics. We've seen many of their clients coming our way, but we've great respect for the people at Launchmetrics. They've grown at a fantastic rate, so tip of the cap to them.

That said, we thought it might be helpful to give a short guide for potential clients who might benefit from our approach. Without further introduction, here's the case for Magnetiq vs. Launchmetrics.

Ease of Use

Magnetiq is developed by a team obsessed with UX (User Experience) design. Every interaction is carefully selected to get out of your way and make your tool experience as seamless as possible. A simple interface means that even new members can master complex actions in Magnetiq. In contrast, advanced users can complete the most common 'core' tasks faster than on our competitor's software.

Launchmetrics can, at first, be complex for novice users. Of course, as with any software, it takes a bit of effort to get to grips with it, and then you can use it very efficiently. But if you're looking for a faster learning curve and a more straightforward experience for less techie people, Magnetiq has the edge.

Baked-In Real-Time Collaboration

Magnetiq and Launchmetrics both have strong collaborative feature sets.

Crucially, Magnetiq will accommodate every team member you need, all included in the price. There are no additional fees to add new users. Everyone can have an account with different levels of permissions. When organizing an event, interactions are reflected in real time and monitored live to help understand who did what.

Launchmetrics also has a collaborative feature set, but the big difference is that they charge per user. This pricing approach may unintentionally discourage collaboration among users, who tend to share passwords and usernames to save resources.

Rapid Improvements To Core Functionality

Launchmetrics is a massive company with a much more significant development potential than a smaller team like Magnetiq.

But big organizations also tend to move slowly, whereas we can deliver custom features in a brief timeframe. 90% of Magnetiq features, from digital invites to seating plan management to advanced Newsrooms, has been developed directly from customer requests.

Personal Account Relationships That Add Value

Everyone's heard of having a personal 'account manager' that you get an email from once and can never seem to contact again. Naming no names is the case at lots of big companies.

Magnetiq is not a big company: your account manager is one of the owners of the business. We take your problems seriously, there's no need to escalate them (you're already at the top), and if you have suggestions - as we've mentioned above - we're ready to act.

Regarding tech support, it's the same story: at Magnetiq, your request doesn't get sent to a random list of tickets. It gets sent directly to the team that planned and built the software. It's like having the original architect on hand to fix an issue at home: instrumental.

Pricing Models That Work

Launchmetrics have a vast number of clients worldwide, which means they need to have a relatively rigid approach to pricing. Fair enough, and if it works for your budget, that's great.

But the Magnetiq approach is a bit different. We match our pricing to our client's specific needs and usage requirements, so our fee will reflect the value we're giving each client. It takes us a bit longer to quote, which gives the advantage there to Launchmetrics if you're in a rush for a price. But in the end, we believe our custom model provides better long-term value.


For many clients, Launchmetrics is a good call. The off-the-shelf feature set is robust, they're great with metrics, and your organization might have the budget to add each new user at an additional cost.

But suppose you're looking for a more personalized service, from your account manager to the package to more accessible collaboration. In that case, Magnetiq is a better fit.

The main thing is that you're already on to a winner in the comparison between Launchmetrics vs. Magnetiq. There are still companies out there doing it on paper or Excel spreadsheets. So whichever you choose, you'll see a considerable gain in your PR workflow. But for many businesses (we'll have the last word it's our website, after all) on balance we'd say that Magnetiq is the better alternative.

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