Logiciel Magnetiq pour
Événements culturels

Manage subscriptions and access,
share information, and publish
relevant communication

Manage the event with an efficient production flow: lists and invitations with dynamic RSVP,
registration, participants safely welcomed, multimedia follow-up.

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Chiara Badini

"The welcoming and reception line is the first and last thing guests experience at an event. It has to be perfect because it is a symbol and litmus test of the entire organization. We handled nearly 3,000 Italian and foreign guests with Magnetiq and were able to reduce waiting times and verify names almost immediately and smoothly. But more than that, we appreciated the willingness and flexibility of the Magnetiq team to adapt the system to the needs of our event."

Magnetiq - Événements culturels

Perfect cultural events

With Magnetiq, cultural events achieve high levels of acceptance. Manage the flow of key activities efficiently. Presentation, opening, online promotion and follow-up have never been easier.

Create private lists or collect requests for access. Send out high-impact invitations. Organize customized seating plans by collaborating with different teams (principal, organizing secretary and consultants).

Share content to inform audiences, engage sponsors, and get press coverage.

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Presentation of the event, simplified

Presentation of the event, simplified

Distribute content with teaser images and videos to stimulate the interest of your audience, send press releases to journalists and influencers.

Create lists of speakers, sponsors, cultural players. Manage invitations, automatically enter RSVPs and seating plan. Easily analyze reports, check who opened the invitation, send follow-ups to invitees who haven't opened it yet.

Welcome audiences, speakers, sponsors, journalists and influencers with built-in mobile check-in.

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Magnetiq - Registration to private events in a few clicks

Smart online event registration, make life easier for your guests

Forget the anonymous and complicated approach of Google Forms. Magnetiq allows you to create elegant online event registration forms personalized with your branding.

The registration can be open to anyone or linked to sending an RSVP campaign that considers the data already in Magnetiq Contacts CRM.

You can give your guests the option of adding any Plus Ones, with a possible maximum number of companions.

Do you have a maximum capacity or a deadline? Set the constraints you want. Guests who register over the limit go on the Waiting List.

Confirming participation has never been so quick and easy.

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Mobile guest check-in

Inauguration under control

Welcome international guests without worrying about spelling, ensure privacy and security of the event, assign differentiated access levels for roles (photographers, journalists, technicians) and areas (reception, speakers, press room, VIP).

All via mobile app, with real-time statistics thanks to named lists and/or QR codes.

Plan carefully and during the event you will have everything under control; people are at ease when everything works.

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Event storytelling

Comprehensive, high-impact online promotion

Create event storytelling, put all your materials (photo and video galleries on highlights, interviews with personalities involved) on one microsite for follow-up.

Easily analyze campaign reports and results. Keep in touch with your audience to create a community around the event. With Magnetiq you can manage events and create custom stories easily and intuitively.

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Case study

Bologna Chidren Book Fair Opening Event

Magnetiq pour Bologna Chidren Book Fair Opening Event

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair’s opening event was a mix of 3,000 invitees, 60 years of history, and one incredible evening. Strategic PR agency Laboratorio Delle Idee used Magnetiq to make it happen.

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