Il segreto
del successo
di una campagna
di lancio

Dall’organizzazione dei contatti,
alla gestione di eventi o sfilate,
fino alla pubblicazione di storie online
e all’invio di campagne email.

Magnetiq rende tutto semplice,
per te e per il tuo team.

È tutto online, semplice e collaborativo.
Ed è utilizzato dalle migliori marche e agenzie di PR.

seating plan software
fashion show

Scopri perché i migliori brand utilizzano Magnetiq
per lanciare le proprie collezioni

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Find your seat
Find your seat

At Magnetiq we’re passionate about helping you to run amazing launch events. We know that the little details matter in life, and events are no exception. That’s why we’ve developed Find Your Seat.

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Digital showrooms come of age

What are digital showrooms, how are they changing and should you consider offering one? We’ve all read the headlines: the promise of Digital Showrooms is huge. Present your collection online, take more orders, get more press coverage.

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Why you should know everything about your guests

Why you should know everything about your guests when you organize an event, why you should share that information with your team, and how Magnetiq makes it easy.

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At Magnetiq we’re all about working together to pull off amazing events. But why is collaboration so crucial to running a successful fashion show? We’ve put together three bulletproof reasons to have your team to join you in the organization of your next event.

fashion show planning
Introducing Online Event Registration

This June, global fashion house Saint Laurent came to us with a challenge. Together we developed a custom solution. Now it’s making Magnetiq stronger.

event guest check-in
Checking In Just Got Better

At Magnetiq we’re constantly working to make your events better. So we’re proud to announce our newest development, a native iOS app compatible with everything from iPhones and iPad Pros, and created from the ground up with one goal: to help you check guests in seamlessly.