Magnetiq Contacts

Collaborative Contact Management
B2B CRM for Smart Teams

All of your most important contacts in one place, accessible wherever you are
and linked to your next event, email campaign or showroom.

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CRM Contact List

Organize your contacts

Create a central location for you contacts in a collaborative way. Work with your team to build an organised list of the most important people for your business.

Easily import data from Excel (influencers, buyers, etc.) and keep them updated. Instantly, find relevant information to make your launch campaign succeed.

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CRM contact management software

Manage contacts across teams

Create internal and external teams who can add and manage their contacts within Magnetiq. Share important contacts with your colleagues, or keep them hidden for security or privacy reasons.

As administrators, you can view everything and stay in complete control of your most important relationships.

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CRM Contact Engagement

Build a better list

Every event you hold, and every email you send will go towards building a better profile of your most important contacts.

You’ll learn which contacts are likely to come to your events, which are most likely to RSVP but never show up, and which are most likely to write about you after an event or a press release.

You’ll be able to target your PR investments better, and treat your contacts with the importance they deserve.

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