Magnetiq Software for
Fashion Shows

Manage stellar fashion shows
in a more advanced way

The application ensuring the ideal workflow of the best fashion houses:
online collaboration between internal and external teams to manage
guest lists, seating plans, check-ins, press material distribution.

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Top brands choose Magnetiq (formerly KSeating)
to manage their fashion shows

seating plan software

Collaborative management

Authorized team members have 24/7 access to the guest list, seating plan and other vital information.

Keep track of guest invitation status, assign seats and manage every aspect of the fashion show.

Everything is updated in real time, so everyone is on the same page.

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collaborative seating management

Teams: power + control

Give the team in Japan one section, and the team in France a different part of the show. You’re in complete control.

Create seat segments so that each team can work only on a portion of the guest list or seating plan, without changing other sections.

Manage user/team permissions at any time. Lock changes in an instant, or adjust the work of your teams.

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Online RSVP Invitations

The information guests want,
right in their inbox

Create and send beautiful emails using our simple templates.

Send interactive RSVP notes that automatically update the guest’s status (coming or not) in the app.

Let guests know where they’re sitting and send them the check-in QR code.

Once the show is over, thank everyone who attended with a personalized message.

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Mobile guest check-in

Welcome with style

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to important guests. So the check-in process has to be seamless and customized.

Our app lets you scan the guest’s invitation in seconds, finds the right seat for them, and updates the system showing that they attended (helping you organize the next show...).

No Wi-Fi? No problem: the app works anywhere you are.

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