Magnetiq Software for
Product Launches

Enhance your product launches,
and their impact on key contacts

Magnetiq is the best software for product launch PR campaigns.
Teaser content online, Collaborative list management, Email campaigns and interactive RSVPs,
Digital check-in, Advanced press materials distribution.

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Top brands trust Magnetiq to manage their product launches

Magnetiq Product Launch Events

Launch your product with Magnetiq

Magnetiq is the perfect solution to manage your launch event.

Upload and publish teaser content to promote your launch, build contact lists with your team, send email campaigns with Save the Date and interactive RSVPs, welcome your key contacts in style, share press material in an advanced way.

Simple, collaborative, used by top brands to launch high-profile products and collections worldwide.

Enhance every process step:
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Teaser content online

Promote your launch event in the most effective way

Distribute teaser content to journalists and influencers in a dedicated micro-site customised with your logo.

Upload material (text, videos, images, files) in one place. Distribute the link with an email campaign.

Share an optimal flow of content to maximise the engagement of key contacts.

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Collaborative list management

Easy and collaborative contact list management

Work collaboratively with colleagues and external teams to build the list of contacts to be involved. Import people from Excel and use categories to distinguish them better.

Track the invitation status: to be contacted, waiting for a reply, confirmed. Assign special passes. View progress in real-time.

Does the venue have seating? With Magnetiq you can visually assign them together with your colleagues, so you can share decisions on pairings.

Magnetiq simplifies the organization, so that you can focus on the event goals.

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Email campaigns and interactive RSVPs

Elegant, customized, measurable email campaigns

Send elegantly designed emails customized to your brand.

Add interactive RSVP buttons that update the guest's status in the list (confirmed, not participating).

Communicate in a personal manner using tags that update the text with the recipient's details, e.g., "Dear {{FIRST_NAME}}."

Create campaigns for segment types, and in different languages.

See who has opened or clicked on each message. Raise awareness of those who have not with a follow-up campaign.

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Digital check-in

Welcome your guests in style, digital check-in with smartphones or tablets

Abandon confusing Excel or paper sheets. First impressions are crucial. The check-in process must be modern, elegant, and fast.

Magnetiq allows you to send your guests a QR code / Apple Wallet. Our native app will enable you to scan it instantly or find the names on the list with a quick search.

No Wi-FI? Everything works offline too. With an internet connection, real-time data is synchronized between devices, and accesses progress before your eyes.

Access real-time statistics, so you always have the situation under control. Enrich your CRM by measuring the engagement of your contacts.

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Advanced press materials distribution

Share press material in a more advanced and effective way

Your content matters. Whether text, files, photos, or videos, Magnetiq makes it easy to show them off at their best in a single place with your brand look & feel.

Upload and categorize high resolution images in seconds. Make everything available for download.

You can prepare the release in multiple languages. Magnetiq automatically identifies the visitor's language, and directly presents the translated version.

Distribute the link to all contacts with an email campaign. See who has opened or clicked on each message. Raise awareness of those who have not with a follow-up campaign.

Collaboratively manage your PR launch campaign with your team

Your launch event can be managed by every authorized member, wherever they are in the world. Manage content, email campaigns, and every aspect of the event. Everyone is on the same page.

This collaborative approach is the key to creating the best possible experience for your contacts.

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